your life your choices.


The best a woman can do is wait, the worst a man can do is give up on her.

Being a great person is highly dependent on your heart, how big is it, how deep can it love, how hard can we take it, how fast can we recover? we live and we love and we learn to take one step at a time, one day at a time. But is it easier if the one you love does not love you back the same way, an equal measure of love well reciprocated is a happy summer everyday for the rest of one’s life, unrequited love is interrupted love, impossible to be, to live without would be easier on one’s heart.

The heartof a woman is so much stronger than anyone will ever know. She loves wholly, openly, deeply, without fault, sometimes without a cause, she just loves. She cares, she bares, she wears the veil of a mother, a friend, a lover, a wife, an advisor, a fashionista, a cleaner, a comforter, she is one in a million, she is a billion more in infinity to infinity love.

Loving you is not wrong

Born to a family by chance but you are born to be great, born to be you.

lean and learn and grow, they make a great child, make your parents proud thats the wish of every child.

move out and get a job, dont break your back while at it, be wiser and work for your worth- the true words of a genius.

fall and get back up, repeat the cycle or break it, these are the choices we live by.

fall in love or get tangled up, act stupid and drunk in love till you learn the secret bout love.

please him or her, make them your life and all the worth hope the feeling is mutual...coz hearts break some times and its those we love who break them to a million pieces,,,hope you remembered to bring some glue for the mend.

love is a beautiful thing if you think it, but a heart without a mind could bring ships down and destroy empires. its those who learn the secrets to love that think of the consequences to loving.       




go to school and learn it all, do not choose what your brain should grasp, it is all mind over matter.

get out into the world and apply it in real life, its the cause and effect factors that matter.

some will work out, others will be too hard to handle, its the battle of the wits.

take not whats easy, but what is worth while and better understood.

it is the unpredictability in life that will teach you not to be too choosey, it all comes and goes like the winds of time, and time in itself.

get out, meet a guy, smile, heck laugh and giggle, if he dont feel you, move on, you just never really know who is watching.

the little efforts we put create massive waves, unpredictable waves.

we seek to limit our lives, we limit our possibilities and probabilities.

love math, okay, do math, tolerate it, it is the way out through most of life's aces

sum it up , build it up, cut it out, crave it and make sure you have it, get it and own it, coz its never enough, just a little bit more should do it...but it never does.

I would say I love you better today but I have always loved you the moon and back.

with love~ Evedelove

Some storms wreck us while others clear our paths to geatness...